Meet Josh

Josh grew up in the Valley and lives in Tracy with his wife Pam and their baby daughter Lily. He sees how expensive it’s getting to raise a family – from gas to housing to health care – and how our communities keep getting left behind. For too long politicians have put their own egos above actually getting things done for our families. Josh represents a new generation of leaders working to break the gridlock and fix the broken political system.

Josh comes from the business world and is focused on the most important issues in our community like lowering costs, fighting homelessness and keeping our neighborhoods safe. That’s why Josh has support from a diverse coalition of voters from farmers and ranchers to union workers and law enforcement.

Josh's Priorities

Fight for Health Care in the Valley

Health care is personal for Josh. His brother was born prematurely and the hospital left his family with a hundred page medical bill. He knows the health care system is broken, so he’s working to get costs down and bring more doctors to the Valley so everyone can get the care they need close to home.


Josh knows we have to get prices down to make our community an affordable place to raise a family again. He’s laser focused on cutting the price of gas, housing, and health care so everyone can live and raise their family in the Valley.


Josh knows we can’t raise happy kids if they don’t have a safe and healthy community to grow up in. That’s why Josh is fighting for more funding for clean air and water, strong schools, and money to keep our families safe. 


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Young Josh!

Young Josh!

Young Josh

When I was growing up in the Valley, it felt like things were affordable. But now, costs are out of control. I’m laser focused on bringing down prices so everyone can work, live, and raise their family right here in our community.

Josh Harder

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